Our History

New Word is the result of two crazy people in love with life and our work, after many years of studies, masters, doctorate and countless hours working for international brands, we reached a time of “crisis”, where we realized that nothing we had built in our work belonged to us, we were one more number on the payroll.

From here the need to build something of our own was born, we decided to join forces, illusions and enthusiasm to shape a different consultant, provided advice to small and medium enterprises from a more humane and personalized approach, supporting our clients in the process of maximizing their resources and enhancing their profits.

They say … “Your circumstances may not be to your liking, but they should not remain the same if you conceive an ideal and strive to achieve it” (James Allen).

Two years have passed, and today more than ever we are convinced that our ideals and continuous effort, they will bring us closer and closer to the goal of contributing to the growth of our clients … because together we are stronger!!!



Contribute to the formation of successful companies that achieve their objectives and maximize their profitability through the best business strategies, which will be developed with support from our different Marketing, Information Technology and Process Consulting areas.


To become a reference in the consultants sector, with leadership in the services we offer, characterized by promoting and implementing advanced management systems.


The path to achieve our vision is guided by the values ​​that represent us. Coherence in the performance of our work day by day, is the guarantee of our success.

  • Love of God: Every day is a new opportunity to start, we thank our supreme being for the opportunities and blessings it gives us.
  • Coherence: We are people who in each interaction, practice and behavior add value to companies, based on this principle, we are consistent in our daily actions.
  • Quality Assurance: Ability to capture and meet customer expectations, through accessibility and personalized attention.
  • Greatness: For each question there is more than one answer, for each problem there is more than one solution.
  • Transparency: Honesty in a simple, clear and direct way.
  • Leadership: Commitment to the development of our clients, generating motivation, through our personal and professional integrity.
  • Innovation and creativity: Based on the generation and development of ideas and solutions, which facilitate obtaining differential and competitive elements for each Project.